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The perfect host…

One thing I have noticed with people taking their initial forays into Glow is thGlow Navigation Bareir struggle to navigate around the site and the concept of School, Local Authority and National level groups. This isn’t really helped by the navigation bar down the left side of Glow, which can only take you to the top level of each area:

Over the past year we’ve tried to counter this issue by putting in links, graphical interfaces and trying to find some form of uniformity of branding across our Falkirk Glow sites. This helped make things slightly easier to navigate, however one issue we still faced was how we could quickly update this branding across all Falkirk Glow groups.

Some components in Glow are less well known than others, one of which is Glow Web Hosting. The main reason it is overlooked (I think) is its lack of support for some of the latest web design tools. Basically, the component allows FTP transfer of files to a webspace (which can be made public or private) in order to create a website. I’ve been using it so far as a public facing RSS aggregator for digital signage, which I really must blog about some time…

So, how does this fit in with navigation in Glow? Well… one thought I had was to use the webhosting space to host the common branding buttons. These look like this:

The buttons are basically HTML code that hyperlink to the relevant page. As they are hosted on public webspace, all you have to do is create a Page Viewer webpart to the URL of the webspace then import it to all of your Glow Groups. This allows us to edit the buttons on the webspace and the changes carry through to all of the Glow Groups. We’ve already had to make a few changes from the original concept, but these changes can be made quickly and easily, as opposed to having to edit and update every single Glow Group!


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