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Don’t MIS Out…

A strange thing happened to me during some Glow Training the other day. I was demonstrating how to configure a Glow Group and there was a question from one of the attendees about setting up who can access the group. The question was prefaced with, “I don’t have time to go and manually add all of these kids!”, which then led to a cacophony of similar grumbles about workload and admin tasks…

Before people started to bail on me I decided to point out that there is a fairly simple solution to this- the group data relationship between Glow and the Authority MIS provider. A click to the Group Membership and I showed all of their classes and the pupils within it. When the pupil moves class, the MIS is altered and the membership of the Glow Group automatically updates to reflect this. “Wow” was the response, “I didn’t know it did that!”.

There are a lot of things in Glow that “just happen” (and I mean in a good way!), that most staff are completely unaware of:

  • the generation of accounts
  • the account matching when a child moves school to make sure they retain their work
  • the relationship of parents to children to create parental accounts
  • the attendance data and contact data being displayed to parents for all of their children, even across multiple schools
  • the class membership across potentially hundreds of classes
  • the teacher for each individual class

 So why am I blogging about this? Well, whatever Glow2 becomes, this relationship with data I feel must continue. Why should a class teacher have to spend time setting up memberships when the data is already sitting there on a secure updated system? Is there an opportunity with 28 Local Authorities using the same MIS to make it a National MIS and the core of Glow2?


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